industrial projects

From chemical plant tanks to electrical substation buildings and everything in between, we've designed efficient and cost effective solutions for many industrial projects.

Commercial projects

We have extensive experience in commercial projects including design and documentation of building structures, inspections and structural certifications, and the engineering of shop-front glazing projects.

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residential projects

From Multi Storey Residential Units, to the family home, we can help with your structural engineering needs.

Heavy & Light Industrial Projects


We support clients on civil and structural engineering assignments related to light & heavy industry.

Take a look at some of our work below.



This project involved structural engineering design and documentation of a greenfield project for a chemical manufacturing plant.

Initial design options were provided in Revit for review with the client prior to undertaking detailed design.

Savings were realised by adopting a one way monolithic slab approach, which simplified the foundation design and construction, and also by designing custom stainless steel pipe support purlins, folded from SS strip instead of standard SS channel sections, as a more cost effective solution.

Electrical Substation Buildings

Our significant involvement with this project as a sub-contractor to the fabricator included structural engineering design and documentation of five different electrical buildings.

Of note are the through-roof lifting points which allowed us to reduce the floor framing member sizes by providing mid-span support with temporary lift posts during lifting, and also a reduction in lifting beam complexity.

The walls are from cold formed steel sections, the properties of which were determined and applied to the design for bending and raking resistance.


This small project involved engineering and documentation of modifications and refurbishment to an existing ship-unloading hopper.

Modifications included installing angled hopper sideboards so that a larger grab could be accommodated, and installing leg splices to allow hopper dis-assembly and road transportation.


This project involved engineering and documentation for the structural support system for a moving array of solar panels.

By following the sun's trajectory across the sky, the solar tracker achieves a far greater average power output per day than equivalent static solar arrays. The solar tracker features a safety position which it can automatically move to, at a pre-set wind speed.

Commercial & Retail


We offer consultation, design and documentation services for projects of various sizes in the commercial and retail markets.

Projects may be single storey or multi-storey buildings, and include manufacturing buildings, food and other processing facilities, warehouses/major sheds, commercial office buildings, shopping centres and marine structures.




The Carbatec building consisted of a three level office building fronting a large tilt-up warehouse.  Our services encompassed design and documentation of all aspects of the structure, inspections during construction and structural certification.


This project required the engineering design of multiple buildings forming the Rothwell commercial complex.  Our services included structural engineering of the footings and building structures, including tilt panel walls, suspended slabs and mezzanine floors.


We have engineered a number of shop-front glazing projects for various shopfitters. Examples of our work can be found in Wallace Bishop, Flower and Gallery One stores.

Due to the nature of shop-fitout work it is not always possible to have a complete design prior to construction.  We understand this, and will provide nominal details including glazing thickness, supports, brackets and fixings to get started, and then be available for inspections and advice as the work proceeds.

Residential Buildings


We can help with your residential project needs, including renovations and extensions, carport and sheds, concrete slabs and driveway design.



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